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Mobile Compatibility

We would like to offer all of our client mobile compatibility as we are aware that everyone is constantly on the go. It is best that you can access your system from anywhere and on every device that you own from a PC to smartphone.

It is essential that everything is easy to read on smaller screens and for those who need additional support as you wouldn't decide to build a new building that didn't have wheel chair access. Why would you want to stop people from accessing your service or website?



There is no reason for you be locked out of a system, ore experiance issues that means that you and your organisation cannot complete essential tasks that will need to be done to allow you to process orders or data.

We can offer our clients support where you can contact us via email or phone to make sure you are up and running as soon as possible so that you are not hit by delays and if there are any issues they can be solved as quickley as possible.



In our opinion we feel that one a system has been developed we would like to make sure that everything is working and will continue to work once updates to software has been applied, such as the development of server scripts and developments in standards. It is always best to make sure something can keep working with out the loss of service.

We would like to offer this to all of our clients to make sure that they are happy with their after care and can continue to make progress in their industry and strive to make changes to the way they do buisness.



With every web system you will be wanting to host it some where that will allow the public or your employees to access it. We offer discounted hosting to our clients to make sure that they can get up and running as soon as possible and not have to worry about having no where to put it.

If for some reason one of our clients decideds to use their own hosting, which you are entitled to do so, we will offer our assitance to help you configure it if you so wish. This will include all the set up of the databases and transferring files.

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